Jun 24

Make Your Own Website for Kids

 Make Your Own Website for KidsLearning to make your own website for kids is an excellent way for them to express their creativity while learning a useful skill for life. Make no mistake the Internet is here to stay. Kids are in a great position to grow into this technology naturally.

Firstly, relax. With todays tools making a website is incredibly easy. If your kid can use a computer then they can make a website. There are numerous free options or if you want a lasting Internet presence for much less than pocket money you can have your own website name.

Children are naturally curious and very quick to learn new things. They seem especially drawn to computers. Don’t let them waste that creative time plugging away on facebook. Building your own website can be a rich and rewarding experience. Down the line they could even turn it into a money making machine for some rich rewards.

The first thing to decide is what kind of site your kid would like. It is easy to make almost any kind of website with freely available tools. Pictures, videos, audio, you name it can all be embedded in the site. Is your kid into sports? Art? Games? What ever they are interested in they can have their first great looking site up and running within a couple of hours. From there they can grow it with their own custom input, ideas and creativity.

On this site we will take you step by step through every aspect of making a great website for your kids. We will help you choose a theme for the site, teach you what content is good and all the steps required to go from great idea to live web page. Browse through our categories to find what areas of interest you can start with. Or try our step by step beginners guide “from idea to website” here.

The possibilities are endless and your kid will have a lasting accomplishment they can grow and take pride in over the years. For more advanced kids or maybe parents who want to join in the easy web creating fun we will also posts tip for getting the very most out of your website such as ways to get it ranking highly in search engines like google as well as ways to make money from your website. You won’t believe how simple it can be. If your kid can get people to look at their site then they can make money from it too.

If you have any questions along the way feel free to email us through our contact us page or leave a comment after an article.


Jun 20

How to Make a Website for Kids Part 3

Welcome to the third part of our guide on how to make your own website for kids.

Ok, so you followed our previous steps and have a brand new wordpress site sitting on your own domain. Now what?

Firstly navigate to your new domain and you should see the blank wordpress page with it’s hello world post. To access to admin panel you will need to go to the address bar and type wp-admin after you site name. For example http://younewwebsite.com/wp-admin

You will then be prompted to login with the name of admin and the password you chose earlier. Now don’t get overwhelmed looking at all the options in front of you. Yes wordpress looks daunting at first because of the massive customisation options available. But it is really easy to get started and we only need to worry about a few of these options to get a good looking site up and ready to go. We’ll discuss these now.

Your first step is to click on settings on the left and type in the name you want for your site as well as a brief tagline and your site address as below.

make your own website for kids1 How to Make a Website for Kids Part 3

Next take a brief glance at the pages section. We won’t do much here today but this is where you will add new pages when you want to grow your site to being more than a blog. For instance you could add photo gallery pages, share youtube videos or create your own games page to name a few. You may want to go ahead and update the contact us page with some non personal details so people who like your site can make contact. Just use an address from your new sites domain. More info on that later.

create your own website for kids How to Make a Website for Kids Part 3

Now the fun part! Click on themes on the left then hit find themes on the main page. You can browse through literally 1000’s of free themes. This is part of the reason wordpress is so popular. It’s easy to use, free and is bound to have a theme to please anyone. Take your time to have a look through and find one that suits you. You can even search for specific themes based on colour, style or functionality.

how to make your own website for kids1 How to Make a Website for Kids Part 3

Once you have your new theme installed go to posts on the left. This is where the action happens. Delete the default “hello world” post then click on add new.

how to make a website for kids 300x124 How to Make a Website for Kids Part 3

As you can see you have a fairly standard text editor program build in. You can use this to write your first new post. I recommend you make a post describing what your site is about so new visitors know at once what to make of your page. You will see an option on the right to make this post “sticky”. That means it will always stay at the top of your page while other blog updates appear below. I recommend you choose this option. You also have a categories section on the right where you can add new categories. This makes it very easy for visitors to your site to find different information. I suggest using a category for each major subject you will talk about.

make a website for kids1 1024x406 How to Make a Website for Kids Part 3

Once you have your welcome post written feel free you add some pictures, a video or whatever else you feel like to make your site look more appealing and reflect how you feel about it. Once everything is set the way you want it hit the publish button.

make my own website for kids How to Make a Website for Kids Part 3

And there you have it! Your very first post on your brand new webpage is there for the world to see. This is a very basic guide just designed to get you up and running. We will later cover some more advanced topics on how to really get the most out of your site. But you will find most kids will be happy to get into the nuts and bolts of wordpress and learn a lot as they play around themselves.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to make your own website for kids. If you haven’t already, take advantage of our promo offer and use our coupon code of “1CENT” to get your first months hosting for just 1c at Hostgator now.



Mar 09

How to Make a Website for Kids Part 2

Part 2 – Setting up Word Press


wordpress How to Make a Website for Kids Part 2Welcome back. If you followed the instructions in Part 1 you now have your self a brand new domain and it’s time to get your first post on there. But first we have to get your site ready so it can accept your content. If you went with one of the free options we discussed like wordpress.com or blogger.com then you can probably skip this post and go on to Part 3. Those two sites and others like them come with everything you need to get your ideas out there already installed. After sign up just log in and you’ll be ready to make your own website for kids.

Now if you took our advice and got your own domain name, read on. As discussed earlier having your own domain will guarantee you have full control over your site and can never lose your hard work.

By far the most common website building tool in use today is the Word Press platform. This is because it’s very easy to install and configure. It has a massive amount of custom themes you can choose from to create the look of your site and it’s very simple to post your content to. As well as being easy to use it has support for all kinds of things like inserting video, photos, music etc into your posts. If you take some time to learn more than the basics you’ll see it is almost infinitely customizable. It is also well liked by google and will help you get recognised and listed on the search engines easier.

It also supports loads of plugins which can be used to customise various aspects of the site but we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. More on that in later parts of our guide.

So if you followed our previous step you should now have and account at Hostgator and a domain name for your new website. If you haven’t signed up yet do so now and don’t forget to use the coupon code “1CENT”. You will get your first month for 1c so your only cost will be buying your domain name. If you have chosen another hosting solution you will find the steps very similar to getting your site up and running.

At the moment you have your chosen site name but nothing on it. Follow the simple steps in this video below and you will soon be ready to make you mark on the Internet!



See, couldn’t be easier! So now your brand new website is sitting there for the world to see. But it’s a blank canvass. What it needs now is your kids ideas and creativity so we can dress it up and get our first ever post online.

To learn how it’s time to move on to Part 3 of our guide on How to Make a Website for Kids.


Mar 04

How to Make a Website for Kids Part 1

Part 1 – Finding Your Domain

kidssite 150x150 How to Make a Website for Kids Part 1Ok, so you have decided to make your own website for kids? Good news, it’s pretty easy. Lets get started with the basics. Firstly you are going to need to get yourself a domain. A domain is the name you type in to your internet browser to arrive at the site you are looking for. We explain the main concepts of hosting your domain here.

Your domain name should relevant to what your site is going to be about. I know a lot of the big names on the internet have names unrelated to what they offer like Google and Amazon. But unless you plan on having a household name you would be better off naming your site something relevant. This will help people find it easier and start getting your site noticed. So if your site is going to be about sports start thinking about a name like sporttime.com or allaboutsports.com.

Now you have the name you want it’s time to go out there and make it your own. If you choose to go the free route you can make an account at sites like wordpress.com or blogger.com. These sites will let you choose your own name and provide you all the tools you need to get your personalised site online for free. Your site will have a name like allboutsports.wordpress.com which will make it easy enough to remember and find.

As we discuss in this post we think you are better off getting paid hosting if you are serious about your site. There are many great advantages and with some of the great discounts being offered you can have your own domain name for $5 or less a year. allaboutsports.com sounds better and will be easier for people to find than allaboutsports.wordpress.com.

So have you thought what name your kid would like for their site? Lets get started. A quick google search for “domain registrars” will turn up pages of sites you can use to register your domain name. For the convenience of doing naming and hosting at reasonable prices we recommend Hostgator. Once you have chosen a site type in the domain name you would like for your site.

Now you may find the exact name you want is not available. Not to worry there are plenty of options. Most sites will display a list of alternate similar names you can use. Most often you will be able to get the name you want just with .net or .org instead of .com. If that is not available then you can try putting in hyphens for example all-about-sports.com. With a bit of simple creativity you will soon find a name you like that is available and relevant to what your site is going to be about.

domain1 How to Make a Website for Kids Part 1

As an example, .com not available but any of these options will be fine for us

Ok, so go ahead and get your name locked in so we can start getting into the fun stuff and have your first site up where the world can see it!

We’ll see you in Part 2 – Hosting your own Website


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Aug 03

How to make money online for kids

kidmoney 150x150 How to make money online for kidsThere are many great way for kids to make money online safely and easily. Well some not so easy. I could write pages and pages on the various methods and the advantages of each but for the purposes of this article I am just going to give you a broad overview of the various methods. available. This may give you some great ideas to make your own website for kids.If you already have a website:Advertising is the number one way to make money online if you already have a website with good traffic. There are several ways to go about this.

Affiliate marketing. This is where you sell someone else’s products on your site. If you take a look at sites like Clickbank there are literally thousands of offers there your kid can promote on their site. Every time someone clicks on one of their ads and buy the product they earn a large commission. There are also big players like amazon and eBay who will let you hosts ads to their sites were again you will get a commission of anything sold.

More traditional advertising is done through companies like google. Every time you go on websites and see banners and text ads these are generally put there by google or another search engine. You will get paid every time someone clicks on one of these ads regardless of if they buy anything. The payouts are much smaller than affiliate deals but they can ad up quickly if you have a lot of visitors.

Another great way if your kid is particularly creative is to have them create their own ebook about something they are passionate about. If they know enough about a topic they think other people would be interested in get them to put together an ebook of 20-30 pages and sell that on their own site. If the book is popular they could even list it on click bank themselves and start having other people sell their book on a wide range of websites! They can start receiving money from these books without having to do any more work beyond writing it!

Now if you kid does not yet have their own website but would like to get started earning some pocket money on the side there are still quite a few options available.

Surveys:  There are a lot of sites out there that will happily pay you to complete surveys. Payouts vary greatly but some of the better sites we will list here for you offer $5 or more payouts for simply taking a 10-15 minute survey! As you can imagine repeating this a few times ads up to a fairly respectable hourly rate to bring in some good pocket money

What other way are there without a website?  Does you kid like making videos?  These days it’s very easy to make videos and upload them to YouTube. Try putting some funny or unique video up. If they rank well and get traffic people will pay you to advertise on them. Or better yet you could put a link on there for an affiliate product you would like to promote.

The possibilities are almost endless and in future articles we will go into more details on these methods as well as describing some new ones. Right now I just wanted to give you some ideas to get the ball rolling and some ideas flowing.

One think to be aware of here is to watch out for scam sites that don’t pay! This will not be a problem if you start with the list we provide.

Another thing to note is that for most of these activities your kid will need a paypal account. You need to be over 18 to apply for one of these but not to worry. Paypal has stated that it is acceptable to open an account on your kids behalf. They will only be using this account to receive money into so you do not need to worry about them running off and using your credit card on the Internet. Just make sure not to load a card for automatic payment.

Got any ideas to make money online for kids you would like to suggest? Add them below!


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Jul 23

Kids Safety Online

kids safety 150x150 Kids Safety OnlineOne of the main concerns when you make your own website for kids should definitely be their online safety. While running your own website is a lot less exposed than a lot of Internet activities it still doesn’t hurt to keep the safety fundamentals in mind.Your kind should never;

  • Give out their name
  • Address
  • Schoold they go to
  • Photo
  • or any other information that could be used to identify or find them

Obviously if your kid is going to be making their own website it is a good idea you help them both for guidance and so you can keep an eye on their safety

One very useful idea is to keep the computer in the living room or other family area to make it easier to keep an eye on what they are doing. Teaching your kid about the possible dangers online without alarm them is very important.

Making your own website for kids will give you a closed off part of the Internet of your own that will be a lot safer overall. But depending on the type of site you create there is still a good chance of interaction from strangers. Most sites these days have comments sections and some have chat and video. The Internet being what it is some people can leave unpleasant comments for the fun of it. It’s important to teach your kid to not be upset if this happens and to let you know immediately.

Another good thing to do is check out some of the free web filtering tools available. These will keep the worst at bay as far as porn pop ups and other nasties go. There are a variety of free filters available as well as some very good paid ones. It’s definitely having a look and seeing which ones suit you.

The main thing to remember is that making your own site is fun and with a few commonsense precautions it’s safe too.

Of course once your kids become teenagers you have to loosen the reigns a bit and a lot of these thing will go out the window. There has been many an argument in our house about what is and isn’t appropriate in this age of social media icon smile Kids Safety Online

As always use your own judgement.


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Jul 13

Free vs Paid Hosting

freevspaid Free vs Paid HostingSo which is better? Free or paid hosting. The answer depends on what your intentions are with hosting your own website. If your kid just wants to try their hand at making a blog or website and only wants to tinker around then free hosting platforms are great. They can still gain valuable experience, share their ideas, words and movies etc with friends without spending a cent. You can even make money with free sites.

The downside of free sites is that you do not own the website or the name. All the work that has gone into building a site could be easily lost. This is fine if it is just a hobby but if the site becomes a passion then obviously more security is required.

Paid hosting solutions can be had for as little as $5 a month. That’s less than pocket change. One great thing about having your own website is you can choose whatever name you want. Instead of say, freehostingsite.com/mysite you can have mysite.com as the name. You also get the security of owning this name, no one can take it from you. If your kid becomes passionate about their site or even intends to try and make money from the site than this is the best way to go. Plus you can now create your own email address with that name. Or you can even make a site for the whole family and all have your own pages. So you could have me@wholefamilysite.com or just me@mysite.com depending which way you go.

What are some other benefits of owning your own site? You have complete control over all content on the site plus it is much easier to earn revenue. You would be surprised how many sites have been started just for fun or for personal learning then have grown to have a massive readership. And that is all you need to make money online. Once you have a large readership it is very easy to just add a few advertisements to you site and before you know it your kids pocket money is coming from their own website.

So by all means start out with a free platform and have a play around. But if you are going to invest a lot of time and effort to make your own website for kids surely it’s worth spending a dollar or two a week for it to be completely yours. Your creativity, your ideas, your content and your investment.

For a good, reliable and cheap hosting solution I use hostgator.


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Jul 05

Hosting your own Website Explained

webhosting 150x150 Hosting your own Website ExplainedWhen you first decide to make your own website for kids you may be a bit overwhelmed by all the new jargon. Domain this and hosting that. But hosting your own website is really quite simple once you understand a few key things. There are 3 parts that go into making any website you visit on the net. They are;

Hosting and
the Website itself

To illustrate how these things work together lets use building a new house as an example. Think of the domain or domain name like the street address. All websites have a unique address on the Internet made up of numbers. So by buying a domain name you made your address easy to find. Rather than saying my house is at 1234 Xyz St you can say my place is at www.myplace.com

You can think of your hosting or the hosting server as the land itself. This is your property, your space on the Internet. On it’s own it is nothing but you certainly need some land if you want to build a house. This is where your site will be located and has all the tools you will need to build your site and have it accessed from anywhere in the world.

Now you can think of your website as the house itself. This is what people will see, you can deck it out however you like and fill it with whatever you want. You can show people around and even conduct business from home.

So once you put all these parts together, which can be done in under an hour with some guidance and practice, you have a place to call your own on the Internet.

Check out our step by step guide HERE to take you from idea to website in several simple steps.

For hosting and domain registration we recommend Hostgator.